Magazine Proposal By Brian F. Rose

I am submitting a magazine proposal. I spent a lot of time thinking about what type of magazine it would be. I work for a vintage racing magazine. But I went out of my comfort zone for this project. The title caused me the biggest problem. I only have working title. After doing much research I am proposing a magazine that focuses the Santa Clara Valley.I deliberately choose not to us the words Silicon Valley. South Bay is a working title. I am forwarding the image vie email. It is my own image. I do not use flickr or photobucket.

Title: South Bay

There is no magazine that covers the life style, arts, culture and architecture of the Santa Clara Valley. Focusing on the dynamic forces of the past and future that interact to create the unique world of the Santa Clara Valley. South Bay aims to cover this world in a colorfully and lively manner.

South Bay will focus on the male/female 25 to 54 age group. The average reader would be college educated from a variety of ethnic backgrounds reflecting the diversity of the valley. Their income bracket would be from $25,000 and up. They are married with or without children. They see themselves as open-minded. Liberal in their values. Willing to try new things and respect the past. The average reader would own a house in Willow Glen, frequent the bistros in Los Gatos and listen to West Coast Live on KALW.

Our competition would be Concept, Wallpaper and Juxtapose. Magazines that cove lifestyle,culture and modern design and architecture. These magazines cover one of the above subjects but not all. San Jose will bring all together.

Some of the the advertisers trying to reach this group are Tesla, Joi de Vivre Hotels, Chromatic Coffee, Blue Salon and Santana Row.

Articles for the premier issue include.
The Eichler Home from the 50s as modern as the hour.
Spoken Word events at local coffee houses.
The Cinequest Film Festival.
Stanford University the driver of tech revolution.
Bike trips through the Santa Cruz Mountain’s.

The cover will be a large format glossy color close up of a pocket watch. The title will be at the top in 36 point garmound with white font. The next line lists the number and issue in 10 point arial and the same font color. A line on the top and bottom will separate the number issue line from the tile.The article tiles will be on the left side in 20 point times new roman. The lay out will be clean with goal of catching the reader’s eye.

Pocket Watch 2 copy


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