Magazine Proposal by Brian Ho

The name of the magazine that I would submit to get published would be Sports Inquirer. My magazine would be different from existing magazines because it would include more interviews with major sports stars along with upcoming super stars. I feel it is important for the public to see all the rising stars in each sports and watch them progress. I would like to market my magazine to teens and and young adults because they are already at a age where they seen many sport players become stars. The age target that I want to target to is from 14 to 26 year old. All types of gender and ethnicity would be interested because my magazine would show many sport players from all over the world. Definitely you would have to be into sports in order to be interested in the magazine.

My competition wouldn’t stand a chance because in Sports Inquirer, it would include a lot of interviews along with many pictures of the sport players. Also, the viewer is able to go online and vote for what player would be on the front cover on each issue. The cover would have a big picture of the players involved in a key moment when they are playing their particular sports that they are involved in. It would also show their statistics for the season so readers can know how the players are doing. Involving the readers and allowing them to contribute their votes would increase more readers because it allows the readers to connect to the magazine.

I would want major news stations like CBS and FOX News to say something positive about the magazine so the public can hear and start picking up the magazines. Also, I want the magazine to be placed in high schools, colleges along with being advertised online so it can be mass spread.

Five articles that I would want to include in the magazine would be an article about Michael Jordan’s career, how the UFC is influencing kids to be active, Dwayne Johnson’s transition from the WWE to Hollywood, Mia Hamm’s soccer career and how rookies transition from college to the NFL.


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