Magazine Cover

– Shreya Zalani

This is a magazine proposal for the kind of magazine I would like to subscribe to.

Name of Magazine: Facets

Facets is a printed monthly magazine that focuses on themes and facts relevant to the everyday life of women. From beauty to lifestyle and even current affairs, this magazine aims at bringing up influential and enjoyable points that are a part of daily experiences. Along with this, there is a dose of the entertainment and fashion world. It depicts real women as they are rather than how real women should ideally be. It is aimed at women of eighteen years and older. It is inclusive of all ethnicities and keeps in mind the diversity of nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. The magazine is mostly for middle-income women.

Facets magazine will supply women with articles and photos of things that they want to know and care about, rather than those which they are expected to care about. Some, but not all women care about make-up and follow the latest trend and celebrity gossip. Many women have various indoor and outdoor activities that they like to take part in. They also have many different hobbies and interests and this magazine will feature articles that pertain to all women.

Advertisers – Nail Polish, Apparel, Books, Swimwear and Sports gear, Make-up and Accessories.

Articles – 1. First Days – Gives tips on coping with first days of college semesters or jobs. Also includes anecdotes.

2. (Any worldwide current affairs in the news)

3. Why You Shouldn’t Just Watch the Movie

4. Best Vacation Spots this Month

5. What Your Shoes Say

Cover – The front cover will be quite sober and not very flashy. There will be bright colors but such that they are not jarring or tacky. The page will not be too cluttered but the names of a few articles will be mentioned.


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