Week 3: Magazines and Newspapers

Magazine Proposal

The name of the magazine is going to be called, Teen Alert!

This magazine is going to be aimed towards the women teenagers and young adults, ages 20 and under, and all ethnicity. The cover of the first issue is going to be eye-catching. It’s going to have a picture of the cast of whatever the most anticipated movie of that week will be. On the left side, it will have in a bullet list of what will be contained inside the magazine. The right side will also contain lists of fun quizzes for them to take inside. The background will be pink since the target is young teenagers and young adults women. The title of Teen Alert! will be in a fancy cursive font, and the headliners will be in Comic Sans MS with words that would catch the young readers attention such as, How To Tell If He Likes You! or even, One Direction splitting?  A young teenager who is a big One Direction fan would definitely see that headline and would pick up this magazine, wanting to know what is going on.

This magazine is going to be different than the other teen magazines, because it’s going to be much more exciting. Each issue that will be released every week will have one article where the “celebrity” gets to write his or her own article so the readers can have an inside scoop with what is going through their favorite celebrities life or thoughts. Also, another article will be written by one lucky reader that was chosen by the editor-in-chief after proof-reading everything. It would be fun for the readers to read what their own peers have to write and say about.

Teenagers these days would be interested and pay to read an article if it was written by a famous celebrity like Justin Bieber or even the young men from One Direction. You don’t see well-known teen magazines such as, Teen Vogue or even J-14 magazines offer that kind of up close and personal “inside scoop”.

The advertisers who would also like to reach the readers are going to be:

  • Neutrogena or Clearasil skin care
  • Tobacco Industry
  • Designer bags such as Coach, Burberry, Louis Vuitton
  • Perfume sellers
  • Above the Influence Ads

Five articles that would be premiered on the first issue:

  • A unique article written by the band, One Direction
  • How to Break Out of Your Shy Shell!
  • An article about why their generation is “better”
  • 5 Celebrity Outfits to Steal!
  • Should You Ask Your Crush Out?

A rough example of a Teen Alert magazine issue featuring, Emma Watson. More details will be added soon.

Teen Alert issue featuring Emma Watson


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