Week 3: Newspaper or Magazine

By: Brenda Romero

To whom it may concern,

Underground Rep is a new creative interactive zine that has not hit the market yet. Interactive? Well with the up rise in social media, Twitter and hash-tagging, young adults are more interesting in whats trending and voicing out their opinions. Our readers are able to click on pictures, headlines, and even advertisement that allows them to be linked into more in depth discussions.

Who is the reader? our reader is someone that is up to date with media and technology. They are the ones that don’t like to follow society norms, and defines themselves by their own version of unique. This zine tailors to their curiosity of fashion, entertainment , and current news.

Our competitors that are in the same field are: Nylon, Rolling Stone,Vibe, and Hipster. These magazines are tailored to the same customers but I am confident that with our interactive use, we will be able to pull ahead of our competitors.

Our advertisers: H&M, Brandy Melville, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Instagram

The articles that would be on Underground Rep would be something like, Gay Rights and Gay marriage, New upcoming artist, Indie films, fashion spreads, life style articles.

The cover of the premier issue would have a: black back drop with Underground Rep written across the top in white , an influential celebrity or person in the middle, and clickable special article snippets on the sides.


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