Week 3 – Newspapers or Magazines

By Patricia Nguyen

If I were to create a type of magazine, I’d create #RealTalk like we discussed in class. It’d be for late teens up to adults in their early 30’s. This magazine will be different because it already incorporates social media without really forcing it on the reader. Each article will always have the hashtag so readers could take their thoughts and opinions to the masses by connecting it on social media.

There are unlimited ways that this could change print media. For example, the magazine could include photo contests on instagram and incorporate readers that way with tons of prizes. Of course there are tons of magazines that serve this demographic. But I’d be hoping to make this a magazine for all genders instead of gearing it towards just men or just women. #RealTalk would include all sorts of controversial issues so that readers could become more aware of other opinions and become a well rounded open minded global citizen. It would address issues like racism, equality, gender issues as well as including the gossip, personality tests and etc.

With this big of a demographic, the amount of advertisers are endless! Apple, Microsoft, L’oreal, Sephora, Levi’s and tons more! Advertisers would include the latest tech companies, make-up stores, food / restaurants and even clothing. With the premier issue, some articles that we’d probably want to include would be Justin Beiber’s DUI, the superbowl, best places to eat, spring break places to hit up, and EDC.

The cover of the premier issue would have tons of mulitcolor with #REALTALK in bold red.


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