Week 3: Newspapers or Magazines

By Gina Wang

            I would like to publish the magazine, B flat, which is targeting music major students whose ago eighteen to twenty four in all ethnicity groups and gender. B flat is different from those magazine that also targeting young adult because it provides more details about general music which including pop, Jazz and classical…etc. Other magazines tend to have more contents about fashion which makes B flat stands out among others. The existing music magazine might not have such a variety and interesting content that they might have only one genre of music. I might include articles such as SF orchestra newest concert with the photo of conductor jumping in the air during concert, KDFC’s top 100 classical music with all famous composer’s picture as cover, free concert events with big sign of free as first page, Newest/most popular pop song on YouTube with YouTube logo as the cover and interview with The Piano Guys with their performance photo as cover.

This is the cover for B flat.



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