Blog #4Star Wars Trilogies:Return of the Jedi

In my opinion. the best movie of 2012 was Star Trek: Into Darkness. I have been a long time Trekker since I saw Star Trek TOS when I was a child, I grew up with the Star Trek ideals of mutual trust and understanding. Star Trek: Into Darkness is the sequel to Star Trek both movies takes place in an alternate Universe with characters who have different personalities than those in the “prime” universe.

The Star Wars trilogy was created by George Lucas. The original versions were made in 1977,1980 and 1983. My favorite is Return of the Jedi (1983). The movie ends with the destruction of the Death Star and the deaths of Darth Vader and the Emperor. Luke becomes a full jedi knight.

I love good sci-fi. These movies are both exciting and have good stories. And I share the liberal view point in Star Trek.


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I love swimming, hiking cemeteries and anime. I am from California and I write on line for Yahoo voices and Wattpad

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