The all time favorite movie for me is the 1981 French movie Diva. I saw the movie in December of 1984 at the Varsity Theater in Palo Alto. I liked the movie so much I saw at the Lumiere in San Francisco, when it was released in 07. If I see a movie twice it has to be good. It was huge hit in the early 80s. I loved the way the director wove a thriller around a bootleg copy of opera performance and a mob killing. It is full of the new energy of the 80’s.  Diva Trailer

My favorite movie from 2012 is Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. I like the way Anderson made a fantasy/love story about of two teenagers come to live. Anderson has a way of telling stories that I enjoy. I saw the movie when I was on vacation in Monterey. It was one of the few movies I saw twice in 12. Moonrise Kingdom trailer

Brian F. Rose

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