Lindsey Lopez

“Pitch Perfect” was my favorite movie of 2012.  I am slightly obsessed with musicals and anything like them.  This movie appealed to me because of the unique music made only with their mouths.  It was interesting to see modern and popular music performed in the movie.

My all time favorite movie is “The Little Mermaid.”  I love all things Disney but I have an especially soft spot for Ariel.  I can’t say exactly why I love this movie so much.  I do love the bright colors and the upbeat music.  I originally saw this on VHS.  I actually watched it not too long ago on VHS and the differences in quality of VHS and Bluray is amazing.  The colors are much more vibrant on the restored version and I love the special features on both the VHS and dvd.  On the VHS there is footage of Jodi Benson singing “part of your world” on the beach.  On the DVD there is a scene of Ursula singing which was later replaced with “poor unfortunate souls”.

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