Week 4: Movies/Recordings

My favorite movie of 2011-2012 was The Avengers. Being a comic book fan, especially a fan of Marvel Comics, The Avengers was a movie that i was really looking forward to before it came out. Me and my friends watched it on the day it came out, and in my opinion it delivered all of my expectations and lived up to its hype. My favoirite movie of all time would be Pulp Fiction. It is a clever movie that is very well put together (though scenes were done in chapters, and were not in order), well known for its dialogue, and has a lot of classic and memorable scenes and moments.

Rotten Tomatoes:

The Avengers


Pulp Fiction



One response to “Week 4: Movies/Recordings”

  1. unicorn1211 says :

    Avenger is really good. I like how they have all the Heroes in one movie.


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