Blog #7 The Internet

Francisco Alvarado

      There are endless amounts of online shopping and gaming websites out there. I have visited countless of those shopping and gaming websites. A few of my favorite shopping websites are Gilt, Urban Outfittersand American Eagle Outfitters. Online gaming websites have changed for me as I’ve gotten older, starting with MySpace‘s flash player games (a la Farmville), then games on Newgrounds , and presently, occasional sessions of Total War: Rome II via online gaming service Steam.

     My cousin, unfortunately, is a video game addict. His brother and myself would point out how obsessive he is with the games, his inability to focus on anything else, and the financial realities of his gaming lifestyle. He gained over 100 pounds of weight over three years and foregoing a social life for video games. During a phone call with an online gaming service company, which was to complain about connectivity, the operator subtly called my cousin an addict by giving him the number for a gaming addiction hotline. He never called the hotline, but the shock  of the conversation really put things into perspective for my cousin. Now with a steady social life and his graduation from San Jose State University later this year, I would definitely call him a recovering addict.


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