Lindsey Lopez

My best friend, Jovi, uses Plenty of Fish. It’s a dating website.  I wouldn’t say that Jovi is addicted to online dating but she does take full advantage of the access to people’s personal information that social media provides.  She met her ex fiance on POF, and when things didn’t work out she had me add him on facebook and instagram so that she could “troll” his profiles and see who his new girlfriend was.  It was a bit extreme but she isn’t the only one who uses social media sites to cyberstalk an ex.  She’s even gone as far as to check out his new girlfriend’s pages.  She hasn’t stopped the “stalking” or as she likes to call it “information gathering” behavior.  I’m not sure she ever will.  In fact, her new boyfriend happens to be one of my “regulars” at my bar, and one of my friends on facebook.  He also happens to be a recent divorcee and just moved back from Florida, where his wife and daughter still reside.  Needless to say, she hits me up for information all the time.  I can’t say I blame her though.  Especially since he lied to her about a hookup with one of my coworkers.  Obviously, I think she should have higher standards for picking men, but I am guilty of checking up on an ex once or twice in the past, though not to the same extent.

My best guy friend, Eric, is a major gamer and is definitely addicted.  He’s turned it into a career until a year ago when he took over his father’s business.  He used to travel all around the country for Halo tournaments and even had some sponsors.  He met the “girl of his dreams” online while gaming, and moved to Colorado to be with her.  When that didn’t work out he met his next serious girlfriend online and moved to Hawaii to be with her.  Now he’s back and doing well running his business, which has nothing to do with gaming.  Anytime I visit him, he is constantly on Xbox live (at least I think that’s what it’s called), and he just purchased the new one, where is voice activated.

I am not addicted to shopping at all, but I do use the internet for some purchasing.  I usually buy all my tickets for sporting events, concerts and comedy shows,book all my flights, hotels and rental cars, and rent or purchase my books online.  I think the only clothing I’ve ever bought online have been jerseys and sports apparel that I couldn’t find locally because they are out of states teams.  GO COLTS!!!  (And PEYTON<3)

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