– Shreya Zalani

I spend a lot of time online and while I have never played online games or been to online dating sites, I do purchase items from websites. I buy textbooks since they are cheaper online as compared to stores. I don’t buy anything else online like clothes or other things because I like to see what I’m buying. In the case of books, it doesn’t make much difference but not in other things.

I had a friend who was an online gamer and she said that she used to spend most of her day on the internet. Although I couldn’t see any direct effects, I feel that staying in front of a computer screen would cause harm to her eyesight. She might also eat less frequently and not be very aware of what’s going on around her. It may also cause her coursework to pile up, affecting her grades. I think that she has limited her hours of playing online and makes time to do other things too.

Here is the website I use to compare prices and select the best sellers.


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