Internet Brian Rose

I do not us the internet for gaming or dating. I occasionally use to look up hotel room rates, to locate a store or doing comparison shopping. But I make my purchases in a brick and mortar store. I make reservations over the phone.  The only site I have  used with any regularity is the auto club AAA. hhtp://

My family has an aversion to using the Internet for shopping, gaming and dating. I personally don’t care to use the Internet for the above items.

My coworkers will use the internet at work for making hotel reservations. I don’t know if they use it for gaming or dating.

One my coworkers from the book store said her nephew was addicted to internet games. He would play sixteen hours a day if his parents had allowed it according to her. In his case he grew out of it when he discovered that old stand by, girls.

Brian Rose


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