Week #7: Internet

By Helen Dao

The internet has its many uses such as keeping up to date with the latest news, research for academic work or personal work, dating, gaming, and shopping among other things, and most of the people I know, myself included, use the internet for these things. Some of these activities can become particularly addictive. Two things in particular that are particularly susceptible to addiction in my experience are gaming and social networking.

During my own addictive gaming phase, I’ve also met others who were as much attached to the keyboard and mouse as I was. Some used it as an escape from the stress of their personal lives and others have participated in online gaming purely for the joy of it. However, in both cases for some people, the gaming had become an addiction that negatively affected their academic work. For those that decided they needed to break the habit and refocus their attention to school, they broke their character equipment or gave access to their account away to someone else temporarily. Personally, I eventually stopped because my computer was no longer able to run the game properly. Others were able to simply leave the game or lessen their time on it out of sheer willpower. Other addictions that I and others I know have developed were on social networking sites and blogging sites such as Tumblr and Twitter. For these, people sometimes give access to their account to a trusted friend who will change their password.





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