Week 7: Internet

BY : Brenda Romero

I don’t really use the internet to play games or go on dating sites. I rarely order things online because I rather see the items in person. My oldest sister would spend hours doing online shopping. It got to the point where she didn’t even notice that she was neglecting her priorities over shopping. She wouldn’t even shop for things that she really needed just random things that she thought were cool.  The websites that she would spend most of her time and money were:  http://www.luvocracy.com/ , a combination between Pintrest and online shopping, http://www.etsy.com/ , a do it your self store, and http://www.amazon.com/ . She really didn’t realize she had a problem until we as a family stepped in and had an intervention. We were mostly concerned about where she would stand financially if she didn’t stop her over spending. Now she has gotten more better at over shopping online and spends less time on the internet. When I asked her what helped her step away from online shopping she says, it was our concern for her that really opened her eyes to her problem.


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