Blog Post #4

In 2011, the movie Captain America The First Avenger was released, and I have loved that movie ever since for multiple reasons. Not only do I like it because I am a bit of a dork when it comes to the Avengers, but because that movie revolved around the World War 2 era. And although it may sound and be a bit morbid, I found World War 2 to be the most interesting war I have learned about.

As for my all time favorite movie, I have come to love The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This movie had multiple story lines revolving around one character, showing all the aspects of his life, ranging from love, to war.

And although I have come to own both of these movies in different formats, (DVD, Blu Ray Discs, HD Downloads), the first time I saw it was in the movie theaters because I was too impatient for them to come out on Dvd.

Captain America:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:


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