Blog Post #7

In the past, I have noticed the internet has come to consume a large chunk of my life. As a teenager, I would play an online game named Maplestory, which I would spend about eight or more hours a day alone playing that game. Because of the amount of time that was consumed by this game, I later began to neglect things such as my friends and family, seeing as how I had met so many people online I began to have a sense of camaraderie with them, which most likely derived from me spending so much time with them in game.

After some time, I realized I had essentially done everything I could do in game. I had defeated every boss, I had created one of the strongest characters in game, and I had realized how much my account was worth. I then decided to start to focus on school and sports more in my real life, and slowly began to drift away from what I feel was an addiction. Once I felt that I did not play this game anymore, I ended up selling all of my in game items for real USD. It was not until after I sold all of my hard earned in game items that I realized the amount of time I put into this game. Granted, I made about $14,000.00 with all of the things I sold, I still could have made a lot more money if I had put my time into something such as a minimum wage job.

Now that I look at the game, all I feel is nostalgia. It is not the same, and at the same time I am happy that it is in my past.

Link to Maplestory:


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