Media Law Brian F. Rose

I choose an article in Variety from July 13, 2013 about George Zimmerman’s Libel suit against .Zimmerman sued for NBC and reporter Ron Allen  for defamation when they edited the 911 call he made to police. According to him it made him sound like a racist. The suit was on hold pending the outcome of his murder trial.

The article describes how a media defamation case works for plaintiff. And what a plaintiff has to do to prove their case. The article quotes several experts in media law.

The article points out that Zimmerman was a private person at the time of the 911 call. And after the 911 call he became a public figure. They quote Jody Armour, professor at USC’s Gould of Law. He will have to “prove knowledge that they knew that the information was false or had reckless disregard for the truth.”

I believe Zimmerman has a case. He should try to prove it in a court of law. But he is a public figure and it may hard to convince a jury that he was defamation. They may find for NBC as payback for the not guilty verdict.



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