Media Law

Lindsey Lopez

Consumers are bringing a class action law suit against comScore for invasion of privacy.  The company offered free downloads to consumers without alerting them to amount of private information the company would be able to access through the terms of service agreement.  Since 2005, up to 10 million people have installed comScore software.  This software has the potential to alter files and settings on the consumers’ computers.  The company’s appeal to the lawsuit was denied and the case will proceed to trial.

It’s really scary to think about what terms of service actually entail.  I hardly ever read them.  I usually just scroll to the bottom of the agreement and click the yes I agree box.  I never stopped to think about what kinds of information these companies have access to.  User names and passwords are one thing, I don’t have much to hide in terms of scandalous secrets that, if revealed, would devastatingly alter my life.  But my credit card information is a bigger deal to me.  Not everyone is honest and identity theft is a big problem these days.


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