Week 8: Media Law

Although as Americans, we are given certain rights, one of them being freedom of speech, there are still people who manage to abuse the system thinking they are allowed to say anything. And in 2012, in the case The United States VS Alvarez,  this was portrayed perfectly. Even though the first amendment in the constitution gives people the right to freedom of speech, they are not allowed to make false statements. Which is exactly what happen in this case. Alvarez made themselves seem more credible than they actually were by claiming they had been given a medal of valor, which in reality they did not. Because of which, the US sought to bring truth to their lies. And although the case did not successfully bring Alvarez down, other fraud charges ended up keeping him in jail.

People are constantly abusing the system hoping they could use the first amendment as their safety net, but they can only expect to be saved by it so many times. There are still things one can say, and one cannot.



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