Week 8: Media Law

By: Brenda Romero

Bland V Roberts case: Can liking a Facebook page cost you your job?

  People lost their jobs just because they liked their bosses opponent Facebook page.

 This case dealt with the First Amendment but was overruled because liking someones page is not protected by the first amendment.

I don’t think that people should get fired for liking someone else’s page, what if they liked the opponents page to show good sportsmanship.  I do think that people do need to be more careful about what they share on Facebook though because you never know if a future employer will be using your social networking sites as part of your background check.

Here’s a link to the site about the case:



One response to “Week 8: Media Law”

  1. lindseylanai27 says :

    This is ridiculous. I think that there should be regulations on what employers can use their employees’ facebook pages for. It makes sense that employers are interested in getting a little more background information, but to fire someone over liking the competition’s page is going overboard. After all, how can you compete with your opponent if you are not aware of their progress?


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