Media ethics

Working for a magazine, I am keenly aware of ethics. Ethical guidelines provide a standard for someone working the media. My religion shapes most of my views on ethics. I have both Absolutist and situational ethics. Rawl’s “Veil of ignorance” as bin my guiding principle with out me know about him until taking Mass Comm. While Aristotle’s the “Golden Mean” as been guiding me in most of my world views.

As a journalist one should work to be fair to all people and to give there side of a story a fair and open hearing. When I covered events for La Voz and their were plenty of times when I had diametrically opposed views from the people I was speaking with. It can be hard at times to keep ones own views from creeping into a story. A journalists views and opinions should be left to the opinion page. That is how the Wall Street Journal works.

Professional guidelines that lay out prescriptive and proscriptive codes give a journalist a framework for their job. If their is a conflict of interest my duty to society and personal conscience come first. Followed by profession and organization.

A journalist should always be accountable to his reading public.

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