Week 10: Media Ethics

My Views

I find the media to be clever. They know what to say and what to show to make us, the viewers, sway to a certain direction they want us to go. For example, with FOX News. No doubt that station wants the democrats to look bad, and glorify republicans in a way. It’s kind of a bummer because some of the viewers are not educated with the knowledge that what they are seeing could be manipulative. Same goes for newspapers and magazines, because newspapers can be tabloids and spread nasty rumors about locals, and women’s fashion magazines kind of influence our society with the media’s definition of beauty. I find it very annoying when I turn on the local news and see them talk about a certain celebrity, as if it’s any of our business. But then again, they have to do what they got to do to keep us interested.


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Hello I'm Laiza! I'm a certified Phlebotomist but with a hidden talent for writing! I'm back in college again and still working for the big man. I am writing my own fiction YA book and hoping one day to get it published!

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