week 10: Media Ethics

By: Brenda Romero

  In today’s media, I don’t think that some journalist and other media outlets follow the ethic guidelines. News is supposed to inform us about what is happening around us. Now we have more opinion based news than actual news. Today’s media is solely focused on what stories or the delivery of a story, could generate more viewers. Conflict of interest also plays a huge role in this, for example we saw how fox only reports things that go along with their conservative views. Another thing that has shaped media ethics is duty to one organization or firm. Some journalist might be persuaded to only tell the side of the story that would make their boss look good.  Many journalist probably fear that they might get blacklisted if they don’t agree or follow the beliefs of their boss. I think that the audience has an overall affect on the way news and the media is delivered. If we the viewers weren’t so focused on the popular entertainment stories , that are not important, then we would actually get real news.

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