“Aha” moments

By Caitlyn Nürnberg

Three things of the “Aha” moments that I wrote down from this quarter were: that the audience is the final arbiter of meaning of the media (chapter 1), saying things like video games and music leads to violent behavior is often considered a ‘cop out’ (chapter 2), and women’s magazines have always portrayed what the times dictated was the ‘ideal’ woman (chapter 5). For my first moment, it was interesting to me that even if something in the media says one thing, if the audience does not interpret it the way it was meant to be interpreted it doesn’t mean anything, because in the end it is the way that the audience sees or thinks about things in the media that really defines the media. The whole topic of my second ‘aha’ moment was interesting to me when it came to believing that games like Grand Theft Auto led to violence more often than not. Personally I thing that it is definitely a cop out because there must be other factors to ‘making’ people violent than a video game. For my third and final ‘aha’ moment, it was interesting for me to look at the pictures that the textbook had of the first few editions of magazines like Women’s Home Journal and see that even then they had pictures of the ‘ideal’ woman and had articles on how to help make yourself look more like her. Even then there was a standard for what a beautiful woman was, it was just different from what it is today.

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