Week 11: Class highlights

Class Highlights Brian Rose

I had a pretty good grasp of media basics when I started the class. There were some areas that I had not given much thought and had an aha moment.

1. Is bias creep, I was aware of it but I had not really given it much thought. When I read the papers or listen to the news I think about now.

2. Net neutrality: I did my research paper on neutrality so I had to bring myself up to speed on the topic. I had though about net neutrality as technical issue. My research made me aware of the first amendment/ free speech issues are effected by who controls access to internet. Control of this access is more important than the technical aspects of the problem.

3.Plagarism a allows associated with directly taking someone else’s work and claiming it a has your own. I had never thought about using the idea without giving credit to the author or source. This comes from over 40 years of reading and absorbing ideas. And I would not think to give the person or source credit if I read about twenty years ago and it stuck in the back of my mind.

Over all I am more aware of the interconnectedness of the media now. Net neutrality and its first amendment implications are the biggest thing I take aware from this class. I have become more aware of I how put together sentences and paragraphs. I can write a double compound sentence. I learned how write thesis statement in high school. But this is the first time I had had defend my thesis since I graduated from San Jose State in 88. And trying to understand the APA style of citations. It was not required when I was at State.


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