Week 11: Class Highlights

Class Highlights

I learned a variety of lessons that involved media in class. I view the media somewhat in a different way. Before this class, I knew a little bit knowledge about our media, but because of this class, it broadened my mind. For example, I always knew the news could be a bit sketchy, but I didn’t realize that they can curve their announcements so that the audience can view a topic in a different way. For example, FOX news wanting to make Democrats look dumb and Republicans smart. I knew that the First Amendment is quite controversy especially since it’s freedom of media. But in my opinion, it’s still a problem that the media is taking advantage of this where it’s probably too much freedom of speech.


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Hello I'm Laiza! I'm a certified Phlebotomist but with a hidden talent for writing! I'm back in college again and still working for the big man. I am writing my own fiction YA book and hoping one day to get it published!

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