Blog #11: Class Highlights

Francisco Alvarado

Throughout the quarter and throughout the pages of our textbook Mass Media in a Changing World,  I had quite a few “Aha” moments in which I found answers to questions (new and old), learned new concepts and phrases, and further developed my media literacy. One of these “Aha” moments was reading that the Yellow journalists of the 1890s forced the hand of the US government, and led to the declaration of the war against Spain in 1898. The media had enough power, even back then, to push the issues it wants.

Another “Aha” moment was when I read that in the average hour of format-style radio,  there are (approximately) 33 minutes of music and talk, 13.5 minutes of information, and 12 minutes of commercials. I’ve always felt that it was the music played for at least 45 minutes every hour, then I find out that it’s half of every hour! Everyone’s got to get paid I guess.

Another “Aha” moment was when I read that Public Relations departments, agencies, specialists, use a tactic named Trial Balloons when they want to gauge public opinion. They “leak” information regarding a major policy in government or a potential merger between companies.


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