Week 10: Media Ethics

Today, I think Media Ethics have hit an all time low. Because most news outlets today are owned by major conglomerates, I believe they all give you biased information. Most of the information media gives you is either black or white. Half of the information the media feeds you is based on liberal beliefs and ideals, and the other half is based on conservative beliefs and ideals. The fact that the Daily Show with Jon Stewart gives you more truthful information than many other major news outlets, and the fact that you can trust its information more than many news outlets is pretty sad. The Daily Show is just comedic, satrical news program that airs on Comedy Central. It doesn’t even air on major news networks like CNN, NBC, and Fox News, networks were you should be able to get reliable information since that is their purpose. Also, magazines don’t really help either. Most magazines tells people how to look, especially women, since they photoshop their cover models to the point it doesn’t even look like them anymore. It alters reality, especially for those women who actually want to look like them. Today media doesn’t serve for the greater good of the people, it just gives us what we want to see and hear, and not the information that we should have. And if they don’t tell you what you want to hear, then they try to manipulate you into having the beliefs they want you to have.


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