Week 2: Media Impact or Books

One of the first favorite books a had was Wayside School Gets A Little Stanger by Louis Sacher. It was one of my first favorite books i remember, since i remember reading this book over and over again as a kid, and the book was part of a trilogy, with this one in particular being the last. Nowadays it just serves as nostalgia. One of my other favorite books i have read was Flags of our Fathers by James Bradley. It is about a group of soldiers fighting in the Battle of Iwo Jima during WWII, and how they are remembered for raising the flag on Iwo Jima. It was my favorite book that i read in middle school, and it got me interested into knowing about the WWII since i found it to be pretty interesting. Because of this, i started playing Call of Duty a lot, since at the time they were about WWII. My last favorite book was I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action. It is literally my last favorite book, since its the last book i recall reading that i have enjoyed. I havn’t actually had a favorite book after this, i have been a “required reader” ever since.  It is an autobiography about Jackie Chan, and how he grew up in Hong Kong, and how he ended up becoming a famous actor. He was also one of my favorite actors growing up.





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