Have smartphones changed us socially?

By Asmaa Badr



3 responses to “Have smartphones changed us socially?”

  1. brendaromero67 says :

    Your topic is relatable to many . It’s sad that nowadays when we are given the opportunity to socialize we pull out our phones to avoid eye contact .


  2. jacobsisneros says :

    Great story and I really liked the video you used on your blog! I think smartphones have negatively affected our ability to socialize, especially face-to-face.


  3. lazzarus2323 says :

    I liked your topic a lot, it was very similar to mine. I think it is something that we all encounter nowadays and I definitely see it as a double edged sword. I enjoyed the video a lot. I would only suggest to ad one or two more pictures throughout the article to give it a little more color to keep readers interested and focused.


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