20 Years of Media

By Hoa Ha

My name is Hoa and I am taking the mass communications course at De Anza College. Through out my life technology has evolved rapidly, I continue you see the advancements we continue to make on old technology. Technology now at a push of a button can transport you to another place instantly. When I was growing up we had internet but it wasn’t as fast as how internet is today. Who remembers what dial-up is? If you don’t, I’ll give you some information about it; Dial-up was our modern day equivalent to the internet we have to but , slower. There was a price to using dial-up, the cost was that annoying noise that you would hear as you were connecting to the internet and the fact that you had to have a wire connected to your computer in order to use the internet was a big minus. Now with the new addition of WiFi, we could get internet almost anywhere without the wires.

I usually tend to stay away from books because it tends to take me a while to finish them. In elementary school when I borrowed books from my school library, they were usually about animals or some new series of books that friend friends read. From there I got interested in reading mystery novels because my friends were reading the A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. I loved this series not just because the books were thin, but the idea of trying to guess what happen next excited me and drew my curiosity. Now the television one of my favorite sources of media and the one that I feel like I use the most. I probably spend at least three to four hours a day watching TV. It is a source of entertainment without leaving my sofa. The television was also used in some of my classes in elementary school. I remember in second grade that my teacher would turn on Reading Rainbow, to introduce us to new books. I feel that the television and movies are some what similar. They both take me to a place that I have never been too.

The news paper was something that I used for my daily current events in my history class, most of the information I get now about the news is all online. I’m going to put the radio and music recordings into the same category. I use the radio in my car to listen to music and listen to sports broadcaster talk about the latest news. In the future I think that the newspaper and magazines will disappear in appearance and everything that you need will be online. I thank



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