Blog #1 media Autobiography

By Reylene Rodriguez

My relationship with the eight types of news is very diverse, yet very dependable on each other. For instance when books I was never a big book reader, I never found them worth my time. Yet now this past year and even new year, I have made it a new goal to read more about self-improvement and relationship books, to help me grow in life. Magazines for me have always been very self motivating, mainly entertainment and fashion, and workout magazines, I use to motivate me in health and appearance, they always help to keep me in the loop of whats new. I have never been too fond on newspapers. My relationship with movies have always been very regular. I try to go see a new movie at least once a month to get away from stress and enjoy life a little. Recordings and the radio have also been very important to me, music has really helped get me through some of the life most loneliness times. It has also helped motivate me and helped celebrate life’s funnest times. Last but definitely not least, the internet has been so vital in my everyday life. It keeps me connected to my everyday duties, along with whats going on in my social realm and helps me explore the unknown. Right now I am an intern at NBC bay area so all these types of news are vital in my field. With my major being communications, it is almost a must to keep on each category so to speak. I love how my culture and life are very interactive with media all around us, yet there are those times where I do feel that it does hurt us as a population as well. My dream job is to work for “E! News” as a tv personality, doing celebrity news and events life the Oscars red carpet. I am praying that I get accepted to CSULA or CSU Long Beach in southern california, to transfer and continue to try to fulfill my dreams in the entertainment business.


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