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Media Autobiography

Alan Farinas

My relationship with the eight types of mass media differs between each of them. I love and read tons of books because they can take me somewhere without having to leave my house. I’ve been getting into more “how-to” books recently and I like how I can learn new skills on my own. Movies are like books to me as they take me to another place and let me see stories that I wouldn’t usually see in everyday life. My favorite kinds of movies are animated films and independent films. My relationship with magazines has grown a lot as a young adult due to my discovery of VICE magazine. VICE and similar magazines are filled with news and stories that aren’t mainstream, so it’s is refreshing to read them. These magazines greatly influence my personal tastes in design, music, hobbies, and etc. Out of all the types of mass media I use the internet the most since I have access to a majority of what I want to read up on. But a draw back is that it is easy to get lost online or become unproductive. I have a strong relationship with television because I’m majoring in advertising and maybe half of what people see on television are advertisements. Even though there is a lot of informative and creative content being shown there is a lot of the opposite of that. And just like the Internet it is easy to get sucked in. I hardly use the remaining three types of mass media. Recordings are essentially non-existent in my life since I can’t recall a time I have ever listened to one. But if we are talking about video recordings I sometimes watch DIY YouTube videos. And I don’t listen to the radio at all because the music that gets played isn’t anything I like. As for newspapers, I don’t like the feel of them and they are just visually unappealing to me. Plus, all the news get posted on the Internet and easier to cycle through. Personally, the Internet, television, and magazines are the most important types of mass media to me since I hope to work in an advertisement agency or for a magazine like VICE.

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