Media auto Biography

By Thomas Cyncor-Mcmillan

When it comes to the media I have one favorite, which is radio, not just any radio station I list to 88.5. This station is called National Public radio, I listen to this station because they are a non profit which means they do not have to play to their corporate sponsors agendas which means they are the most religable source out  there (in my opinion). When it comes to books and movies I have kind of a love/hate relationship. I love when I find a good movie with actual dialog and not just endless CGI and “shoot ’em up” seens because honestly it gets kind of old after a while. My reading habbits are rather sparatic because sometimes I will go through a book a week then for months at a time I wont even think about picking one up, I guess I just need something to really interesting to catch my eye. When it comes to newspapers and magazines I do not read them that often because the world we live in is so fast paised that by the time I get around to picking a copy of zed newspaper or magazine the information has already been on the internet and evaluated and re-evaluated so many times I can pick and choose the best expert opinion to base my own perception off of. Last but not least, television the great decline of western society, apart from the daily show I believe it should be removed from public view to stop the epidemic of stupidity we have moving through this country faster than a wild fire in mid summer. I hate to sound like a cynic but 99.999% of the stuff on T.V is utter garbage. I am a Public Relations Major Planning on transferring to Chico State which means sooner or later I will have to change my out look on main-stream media but for now I am completely happy being the grumpy guy who really only enjoys media if it has something to say.


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