Media Autobiography

By Jorian Lewke

For as long as I can remember, I have had a yearning to see as much of this world as possible, from as many perspectives as my mind could handle. Inevitably, this lead to an immense love for books, movies, and television to take me to places I had never been and to explore different sides of life than what I was being exposed to. As an avid writer, I feel I learn a great deal by reading the works of great writers, my favorites ranging from Tim O’Brien to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. I do not enjoy watching tv and movies as much as reading, but I do appreciate some tv shows that truly make you invested in the characters and movies that carry lessons that can only be taught through the use of cinematic story telling. My favorite tv shows are Scandal, Criminal Minds, and The Newsroom. I use radio mostly as a mode of discovering new music, but I also appreciate NPR and talk radio shows as another form of distributing news. The Internet is something I can not imagine my life without, and the ways that I utilize its capabilities are endless. The websites I visit most often are the Huffington Post and WordPress. My fascination with newspaper began when I learned that someone I highly admire used to be an acclaimed photojournalist. He was able to tell me about his experiences and I now love to not only read newspapers, but appreciate the difficult jobs of the photojournalists as well. Magazines are where I truly see a future for myself. As someone interested in both advertising and journalism, I appreciate magazines for their attention to detail and ability to take the stories and couple them with beautiful photos, graphics, and generally appealing layouts. I would love to see myself as a magazine editor in the future, and am planning on attending UCBerkeley’s Media Arts program.


About JRLewke

To me, photographer is a strong word. I guess you could call me a picture taker, moment capturer or whatever else, but not photographer. I'm a high school student that has a passion for helping others and my community. I'm on a search for self preservation in this messed up amazing world, a search for everything that is to be found. I'm a writer, a pseudo therapist, advocate, volunteer, activist, student, daughter, and friend. This started out as a 365 day project, and that lasted throughout summer. When I started school again, it became much more difficult to get one everyday. I post when I can and will probably begin doing one everyday again in summer. Peace!
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