Media Autobiography

By Yanno Sarakinis

Growing up I used to love to read, but now it seems as though I have narcoleptic tendencies as soon as I pick up a book. I wish I could read for fun but I cannot stay awake anymore which really is a shame. Newspapers, I also have a sparse relationship with. Every once in a while in the restaurant I work at someone will leave one behind and I will look through it and try and look like an adult. I don’t have any magazine subscriptions but I do occasionally pick up a Rolling Stone or  some kind of guitar magazine to look at gear and techniques used by musicians I admire. Recordings, I assume is referring to music or podcasts. If that’s the case I listen to lots of music all the time in many forms such as cd’s, mp3’s, and vinyl. I watch a lot of movies and would like to think of myself as a movie connoisseur of sorts. I am a huge fan of many types of movies stretching from classic horror movies such as Night of the Living Dead to John Wayne era Westerns like North to Alaska. I used to listen to the radio as I drove but as soon as I got a good deck for my car with an auxiliary port and a CD player I have never looked back. I never really listened to talk radio really but if someone puts it on I wont object. In my senior year of high school I was on the high school radio station which was super fun and a good way to blow off an hour of school. I used to play whatever music I wanted (well kinda, there couldn’t be a lot of profanity) and we used to cover current events and talk about upcoming albums from our favorite bands. Television is iffy because for the most part I can’t stand all these dumb shows about whose got “talent” or what some dumb spoiled rich girl is doing with her life. I use TV mainly to get to my beloved movies. I use the internet pretty often to look up quick questions but I understand that I can also be on Youtube for days without sleep so I am mindful on how much time I waste on the internet.

I guess I wouldn’t object to having a career in the media, especially because I am a communications major and I did enjoy my time in Radio in high school. I am planning on transferring to San Jose State and I may take an interest in their Radio programs.

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