Media autobiography

By John Palalia

Through out the years my personal experience has changed the way I think about society and my self. When I was a kid in primary school back in Mexico city where I am from, I remember reading the news paper every weekend, I attended a catholic school so the news paper was catholic oriented so I could see a certain perspective about what was going around my town, this guided the way I thought for many years and also the books that we read were very traditional and because of that in some subjects the lacked information. When I was in high school in the united states I remember being introduced to NBC and Fox news and also MTV television, I quickly learned that almost all my class mates where affected in some way by these media, sadly in many ways most people would argue that my generation was not being affected in a good way, in fact it brought up our stereotypes and high school bad habits even more. When I started attending college also in the U.S. I started using media in a different ways and i opted to start using social media (Facebook) even though I was still using the Internet as the main source to get my news and information, I became more selective and the source.

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