Media Autobiography

By Stephanie Lopez

My relationship with the eight types of mass media has transformed significantly throughout my life. Being born in the late 1990s has given so much time for me to witness each type of media to shift into its modern facet, barely similar to the way they were when I was a child. As a somewhat soft-spoken introvert, media is an ideal way to escape the stresses of daily life when I do not feel like stepping outside of my comfort zone. For that reason and many others, each type of media has been an important factor of my life.

I have always adored films, probably making it my favorite type of mass media. In a world that consisted of perfect circumstances, I would pursue a film-making career. Starting around seventh grade, I would be most excited to come home every afternoon to a different movie ready to be watched. It was basically an illuminating escape from the treachery known as my middle school years, but the habit of frequently finding films to view stuck around to present day.

Print media, specifically books, has been another major part of my life. Like film, books have been another form of diversion during the times reality has been too much to handle. I read a lot more novels as a kid, but I am still always on the lookout for an engaging story. To find a book that I can truly relate to and find enlightening is like hitting the jackpot in my opinion. I even plan on getting a quote from a novel by one of my favorite authors, Kurt Vonnegut, tattooed onto my wrist.

Newspapers have not always been a top priority form of media for me until recent years. Growing up, I would always look forward to reading the comics that came with newspapers, but that was to the extent of my use. I only started reading the actual news when I became more aware of my surroundings and the world, which was around eighth grade. Until then, I was a narcissistic little pre-teen who would much rather engross herself in mindless magazines about celebrities that don’t matter. Nowadays I like to believe that I have shifted from vain magazines to ones similar to newspapers in the way that they inform me of what is happening in this world, such as Time. I do admit to still reading magazines that are aimed towards an audience with my similar interests, but now instead of Disney Channel stars, they have to do with film.

Recordings, or music, has been there for me in the lowest points of my life. The messages conveyed and the sheer variety that the world can offer pertaining to recordings is something extraordinary and I have and will always appreciate this specific form of media above many other things. Radio is a way to transmit new recordings which I treasure and even the things that radio provides other than music are important. I listen to recordings whenever I am not doing anything else that takes my full attention and I listen to radio for information and knowledge almost every day. Television is similar to radio in the way they can use emphasis on voices and expression, but the visual aspect that radio lacks is what I love about television. I don’t watch TV as much as I did as a kid, but it’s always been a source easily available to me.

I believe the last form of media, the Internet, ties all the previous mass media types together into one. I use the Internet constantly, more than any other kind of media, and I love it for its convenience. I also believe it’s a double-edged sword as it is full of completely false or inessential factors, but I think the pros of it definitely outweigh the cons.

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