Media Autobiography

By Armen Vardanian

Books were the first media I had my encounter with in my childhood.  The television was not yet available in early 1960s, so my mother would read me a book, teaching me Russian letters, and how to put them together into words.  I developed a great bond with books and carried this affection throughout my life.  I used books in a school, because computers were not available during my school years; went to university libraries for to study; and read at least one book a month for leisure.  Later on in my life I learned several languages, which gave me an opportunity to read many original books.  I have an extended collection of books and love to buy them frequently, especially the special edition books, which have unfortunately become less available.

I remember going to a newspaper stand to read a newspaper, which was a normal practice back in Soviet Union, because many people were not able to afford a newspaper subscription.  The newspaper was, and still is, a great source of information for me in areas of global event, political life and financial occurrences.  Nevertheless, the Internet rapidly diminishes newspapers role in my life.

I love glancing through different magazines when waiting in doctors’ offices, haircut outlets, and other places of work.  I subscribe “Golfer” magazine at home and several technical issues at work that help me to keep up with the latest innovations in the field of my work.

I loved to go to movies in my youth, because it was the main entertainment source for me and my school friends at that time.  As a child I would model the main characters in the movies, which had certainly impacted my life and honed my character.  However, in my adolescence I became less enthusiastic and indifferent towards movies and would visit movie-theaters on very rare occasions.

The recordings, especially music recordings, played tremendous role in my life.  I started playing violin at age of six and guitar at age of twelve.  As a musician, I spend enormous time in recording studio, recording and producing songs.  I have used different recording devices for recording purposes, such as: real-to-real tape recorders, cassette recorders, CD media, and digital recording.  I’m a big enthusiast of collecting music CD’s, and I have over thousand CD’s in my collection.

Radio is a wonderful mass communication media, which I listened whole my life.  I owned a portable AM radio back in Russia and would take it with me when camping, as it was a very convenient device to carry.  I developed my political association and affiliation, by listening radio shows in my car, when I first immigrated to the U. S.  I listen AM and FM radio in my car while driving to and from work.  Although, the current radio formats became more commercialized, I still enjoy listening radio shows and music.

I don’t like watching television a lot, because I prefer to read books, and to have face-to-face interaction with my friends.  Nevertheless, I spend about an hour in front of the television on daily bases, mainly watching news reports, sport programs, and catching a show or movie occasionally.

The Internet plays substantial role in my life.  I use the Internet at work for a research; at home for education and entertainment purposes; and on the road, when I’m traveling.  My life heavily depends on the Internet use for communication with my friends via email and “Skype.”  Reading the news on my computer, watching YouTube videos, and paying bills on line became part of my life in the last several years.

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