Week 1: Media Autobiography

By Manuel Jaimes

Through out my life I was lucky enough to have experiences all the types of media mentioned in the textbook such as, books, newspaper, radio etc. I have a younger sister which is 10 years old and I can bet that she has never read a newspaper or any other type of media besides the internet or the Television, she doesn’t even listen to radio, cars today have Auxiliary cords or are Bluetooth enabled so she listens to her own music, when riding the car with my parents. I didn’t have that growing up, I had to listen to 30 minutes of commercials and only being able to enjoy 1 or 2 songs on my car trips. That’s the difference between the media I grew up with and the media my sister is growing up with. We now can choose what type of information want to consume and the discard the ones we don’t.
Growing up TV was my life, I remember at first our family’s TV had only a few channels, we didn’t have cable until I was maybe in the 3rd grade. I was amazed on how good the quality was and how many channels we could watch after getting cable. Even-though we now had 100 plus channels I only watched around 3 because those were the only channels that had cartoons. I had to wait for the cartoons I liked I had the scheduled memorized so I knew what shows would come and a certain hour. TV that my sister watches now would have been my dream, HD and she can record shows, and she never misses anything. And when she doesn’t watch TV she hops on her tablet and streams her programs advertisement free! I used to hate watching Ads, now she can fast forward or hops on the streaming services and they don’t even show advertisement.
I never really enjoyed reading so I rarely read books or magazines. Not until I got a bit older and was introduced to the Internet was when I was amazed and was reading articles and webpages that interested me. With the Internet and smart phones I’m able to read magazines articles that are filtered to my interest just with one application.
I didn’t own a computer or have access the Internet until I was around 13 years old, but once I did own a computer I was hooked. The Internet had a great impact on my life. I was amazed how much you can do with it, I was able to upload pictures and videos and my friends were able to see them, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Growing up I noticed the Internet has gone through a lot of changes and I started realizing that many of my favorite websites started being operated by larger companies and I started seeing more advertisements. Nevertheless, I still spend most of my time on the Internet and it is one of the biggest media services I use,
To have a career in media would be something I have always saw myself being a part of, although I’m still a little confused what exactly I want to do. Media will always be part of our American culture, I’m anxious on the future forms of media.



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