Media Autobiography

By Lyndsey Guida

I’ve grown up in a time where media and mass media have expanded tremendously. From newspapers, to books, to the internet, to movies, our media is expanding and evolving day after day. Each form of media has had a different impact on my life. One type of media that has had an influence on my life are books. Although I don’t read to often due to school, whenever I do get lost in a story it allows me to forget about the stresses of reality and can enjoy the art of amazing stories. The next form of media is newspapers. I have not really had any interaction with newspapers throughout my life. I mainly only worried about purchasing or reading newspapers was if there was a big event or occurance that had just happened. The next form of media is magazines. I typically only care for magazines if I’m waiting in a doctor’s/dentist’s office, or if I’m relaxing at a nail salon or just relaxing. I definitely enjoy magazines for the gossip – it is oddly addicting! With recordings, I tend to only interact with that when I’m attending an event and I record a song at a concert, or part of a sports event. That way, I can look back and reminise on the memories I made. I interact with the radio on a daily basis. Every time I get into my car and drive somewhere, I listen to the radio for traffic updates, or just to enjoy good music while driving. I tend to use television on a daily basis as well. I tend to use it when I study because i like studying with background noise. Television, although distracting at times, helps provoke thought while I work on my homework. The last form of media is the internet. This is probably my biggest source in my everyday life. I’m constantly i need of it for research and email access. I also use it for rereational purposes such as social media, movies, music, and games. The sources of media I use daily are the ones I definitely enjoy the most for conveience, and accessability. I’m in-between majors of psychology and public relations. I enjoy imteracting and helping humans and interacting through the media. No matter which major I choose, I plan on transferring to San Jose State, Chico State, or San Francisco State.

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