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Media in my Life

BY JP Michelsen

All 8 forms of media play huge rolls in almost everyone’s lives. The most influential form of media in my life is the internet without question. In the twenty-first century we have truly entered into the information era. Those who have access to the internet have the power of near infinite knowledge at the tip of their fingers. Information can be transmitted across the world within instants. Because of this, I have can research things that normally could only be left to speculation. The next most influential media in my life would have to be television. This form of media is present not only in my own home when I watch to relax, but everywhere in public as well. Everywhere I look, there are television screens prompting me to buy this or do that. Although I believe I resist all temptation, there’s no doubt that I’m constantly being influenced to behave in a certain way. The next most prevalent in my life would be recordings. I listen to music constantly and thus expose myself to whatever messages the artist is trying to convey. Usually I pay more attention to how it sounds rather than what it means however. Next would be movies and film, but I think that falls into the same category or even an extension of television. The only reason I place movies this far down is because I don’t see them as often as I see television. The next would be radio, this is the only time I hear “pop music” and I only listen when I can’t find my own music. The next most influential would be books. Most of the books that really change my views and open my eyes to knew things are given to me in school. When I read on my own I usually read fiction just to escape from reality for a moment or two. I almost never read newspapers or magazines, they seem almost outdated and a poor source of information when the internet can function as every newspaper every magazine and so much more all at the same time. All media has an influence only to different degrees of significance.


Media Impact

By Hoa. Media has a large impact on our society, we use media as a form of entertainment; whether it is to go see a movie, play games, watch our favorite show or just talking to your friends on the web. In our textbook Mass Media in a changing world Rodman gives examples of how media affects all people differently. He gives us an example with the game  ” Grand Theft Auto” he says that their are critics who feel that this game could make people more aggressive, due to the fact that in this game things that are harmful in real life are being rewarding in this game if you attempt to do it. For example in this game you can drive a car and run people over,steal cars and pull over and pick up prostitutes for sex and then kick them to the curb. I feel that these games and movies create a world where anything is possible, which is great however, you have to understand what is right from wrong in real life. On July of 2014, there was the release of the new Batman movie “The Dark Night Rises”.However on the night of the premiere in Aurora, Colorado a mass crime scene had just happened. A gentleman by the name of James Holmes had come into the theater with tear gas and guns, his plan was to hurt people. He referred to himself as the “Joker” one of the villains in the previous Batman movie . He then fired away and by the end  of that night there were a total of 12 fatalities. Was media to blame? In court by the judge he was pleaded not guilty because the judge ruled him as insane. The judge ruled him as insane because when the cops went to his house, the house was booby trap with explosives. Like I said earlier I feel that media can impact you but, the decision is yours to make these movies aren’t telling you to kill someone or do anything, they are just there to help you lose sight of reality because sometimes escaping from the real world can help your mind think more clearly.

My Three Most Influential Books

By Stephanie Lopez

1. Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut: This happens to be my favorite novel by one of my favorite authors. In last week’s blog I mentioned planning on getting a tattoo of a quote by Mr. Vonnegut and the quote is one that is repeated throughout this book; “So it goes.” The absurdist nature of Slaughterhouse-Five stayed with me after finishing it as I had never read something like it before and I found myself drawn to its tragic humor. In my opinion, it’s extraordinary and disjointed, full of characters beautifully insane in a way that some people, including myself, can relate to in a faint sense.

2. The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger: I read this book at the end of middle school while I was arguably at my most bewildered and felt as though nobody understood the feelings I was feeling for seemingly no reason. The main character, Holden Caulfield, is conceivably one of the whiniest characters in classic literature, but the difference between him and the others was that he was closest to my age at the time I read it. His wry perspective on life was something I was able to relate to as a thirteen year old and his ramblings throughout the novel made me feel less alone and more connected to someone, which is what I was subliminally yearning for.

3. Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami: This novel centers around the transition from childhood to adulthood and the longing and mystification that surrounds it. It contains the subject of heartbreak and the hopeless feeling that comes with it, which is exactly what I was feeling at the time I read the book. To have my unclear emotions adequately expressed in written form was something I needed more than I ever had thought before. I believe Norwegian Wood (named after The Beatles’ song) helped me through one of the most life-altering events of my life thus far and for that, I’ll be forever grateful to Murakami.

Media Autobiography

By Haris Pozega

I’ve always loved to write about sports (particularly soccer) and I wrote about soccer, music and fashion all over the different types of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr). Today I use all of the above social media networking sites, some less, some more. Because I’m an international student social media is an excellent way to interact with my family, friends and to always be updated on whats happening in their life and in my home country Sweden. Because I was born in 1995 I’ve never experienced a world without internet and couldn’t even picture myself living without it.

I used to record music on my MP3 but that’s years ago. Over the past years I’ve used Spotify instead because I don’t have to download or buy the songs, it’s so simple! Thats why my experience with recordings are almost nonexistent. In the last few years there’s a new social media called Vine. Vine is an app where you put a 7 second video of whatever you record and you publish it on the app for the world to see. Vine has grown extremely fast over the past year.

The only time I listen to radio is when my mom or dad are having a bad day and refuses to listen to my hiphop & RnB music in the car. The main reason I hate listening to the radio is because of the commercials. It feels like it’s commercial playing on radio for about 70% of the time. I can’t handle that.

My experience with books is extremely low, I’m a bit ashamed actually. I’ve read three books free willingly in my 19 years of existence. I get bored, that’s the only explanation I have. Magazines on the other hand I enjoy. I get the Rolling Stones magazine monthly but that’s the only one. Television is a bit like radio, 70% is commercial and the other 30% are sports and that is what I watch. Every weekend I spend about 6 hours watching Soccer on TV and I absolutely love it.

The media in Sweden is very free, you can write whatever you want as long as you don’t offend anyone. Like any other western country actually, not any different from the U.S. I used to go by bus in Sweden and you can pick up a newspaper on your seat each morning and that’s the only time I read newspapers when I actually can hold the paper. Those few times I actually read the newspaper is on the Internet.

My major is Journalism and I would love to work with it when I grow up. I’d love to transfer to California State Long Beach.

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