Media Autobiography

By Haris Pozega

I’ve always loved to write about sports (particularly soccer) and I wrote about soccer, music and fashion all over the different types of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr). Today I use all of the above social media networking sites, some less, some more. Because I’m an international student social media is an excellent way to interact with my family, friends and to always be updated on whats happening in their life and in my home country Sweden. Because I was born in 1995 I’ve never experienced a world without internet and couldn’t even picture myself living without it.

I used to record music on my MP3 but that’s years ago. Over the past years I’ve used Spotify instead because I don’t have to download or buy the songs, it’s so simple! Thats why my experience with recordings are almost nonexistent. In the last few years there’s a new social media called Vine. Vine is an app where you put a 7 second video of whatever you record and you publish it on the app for the world to see. Vine has grown extremely fast over the past year.

The only time I listen to radio is when my mom or dad are having a bad day and refuses to listen to my hiphop & RnB music in the car. The main reason I hate listening to the radio is because of the commercials. It feels like it’s commercial playing on radio for about 70% of the time. I can’t handle that.

My experience with books is extremely low, I’m a bit ashamed actually. I’ve read three books free willingly in my 19 years of existence. I get bored, that’s the only explanation I have. Magazines on the other hand I enjoy. I get the Rolling Stones magazine monthly but that’s the only one. Television is a bit like radio, 70% is commercial and the other 30% are sports and that is what I watch. Every weekend I spend about 6 hours watching Soccer on TV and I absolutely love it.

The media in Sweden is very free, you can write whatever you want as long as you don’t offend anyone. Like any other western country actually, not any different from the U.S. I used to go by bus in Sweden and you can pick up a newspaper on your seat each morning and that’s the only time I read newspapers when I actually can hold the paper. Those few times I actually read the newspaper is on the Internet.

My major is Journalism and I would love to work with it when I grow up. I’d love to transfer to California State Long Beach.


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