Media Impact

By Hoa. Media has a large impact on our society, we use media as a form of entertainment; whether it is to go see a movie, play games, watch our favorite show or just talking to your friends on the web. In our textbook Mass Media in a changing world Rodman gives examples of how media affects all people differently. He gives us an example with the game  ” Grand Theft Auto” he says that their are critics who feel that this game could make people more aggressive, due to the fact that in this game things that are harmful in real life are being rewarding in this game if you attempt to do it. For example in this game you can drive a car and run people over,steal cars and pull over and pick up prostitutes for sex and then kick them to the curb. I feel that these games and movies create a world where anything is possible, which is great however, you have to understand what is right from wrong in real life. On July of 2014, there was the release of the new Batman movie “The Dark Night Rises”.However on the night of the premiere in Aurora, Colorado a mass crime scene had just happened. A gentleman by the name of James Holmes had come into the theater with tear gas and guns, his plan was to hurt people. He referred to himself as the “Joker” one of the villains in the previous Batman movie . He then fired away and by the end  of that night there were a total of 12 fatalities. Was media to blame? In court by the judge he was pleaded not guilty because the judge ruled him as insane. The judge ruled him as insane because when the cops went to his house, the house was booby trap with explosives. Like I said earlier I feel that media can impact you but, the decision is yours to make these movies aren’t telling you to kill someone or do anything, they are just there to help you lose sight of reality because sometimes escaping from the real world can help your mind think more clearly.

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