Media in my Life

BY JP Michelsen

All 8 forms of media play huge rolls in almost everyone’s lives. The most influential form of media in my life is the internet without question. In the twenty-first century we have truly entered into the information era. Those who have access to the internet have the power of near infinite knowledge at the tip of their fingers. Information can be transmitted across the world within instants. Because of this, I have can research things that normally could only be left to speculation. The next most influential media in my life would have to be television. This form of media is present not only in my own home when I watch to relax, but everywhere in public as well. Everywhere I look, there are television screens prompting me to buy this or do that. Although I believe I resist all temptation, there’s no doubt that I’m constantly being influenced to behave in a certain way. The next most prevalent in my life would be recordings. I listen to music constantly and thus expose myself to whatever messages the artist is trying to convey. Usually I pay more attention to how it sounds rather than what it means however. Next would be movies and film, but I think that falls into the same category or even an extension of television. The only reason I place movies this far down is because I don’t see them as often as I see television. The next would be radio, this is the only time I hear “pop music” and I only listen when I can’t find my own music. The next most influential would be books. Most of the books that really change my views and open my eyes to knew things are given to me in school. When I read on my own I usually read fiction just to escape from reality for a moment or two. I almost never read newspapers or magazines, they seem almost outdated and a poor source of information when the internet can function as every newspaper every magazine and so much more all at the same time. All media has an influence only to different degrees of significance.


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