#1 Media Autobiography

Even before I was able to read I remember being very interested in books.  My mother encouraged me to look at books and read to me every night.  Eventually, I was able to identify words and sentences which opened a brand-new world to me.  I have always loved books and enjoy reading different genres especially science fiction and mystery.  I even preferred reading books over watching movies or television shows.  I did watch a lot of movies via VCR growing up, such as Disney princess franchise and my favorite being Balto.  Currently, I go to the movies once in a while with friends to watch the latest film such as the Hunger Games and Penguins of Madagascar.  When driving to school, I listen to the radio which plays both songs and talk about current news.  I am not as familiar with newspapers and magazines because our household does not subscribe to any particular magazine.  I do not read the newspaper because I generally watch the news on the TV or read the news from the internet.  I do use the internet quite a bit for homework and for entertainment purposes.  I admire journalists and I think the work they do is very important because without them, the average person would not know what is happening in the world.  I am interested in maybe majoring in advertisement, but I am not sure.  I heard that San Jose State has a great program, but I would like to go further away for school.

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