Blog #2 books

1.) The confident women, by Joyce Myer

This book has really helped me realize my value as a woman, and how I need to value myself in today’s society. It talks about how our confidence as women, is what carries us and helps us achieve amazing things in this world. If more woman knew their value and importance, we could change the world. This book is a great up lifter!



2.) For single people who still understand the value of relationships, by Rob Hill Sr.

This book is for anyone who has ever been in a bad relationship, has always wanted a relationship, or is dealing with a heartbreak. This book has lifted me up in my lioness times. It helped me realize what good qualities I look for in a spouse, along with what to keep an eye out as warning signs in a relationship. It is a constant reminder, that there are good-hearted people out there like myself who also want a lasting rich relationship. A must have in your book collection!


3.) The purpose driven life, by Rick Warren

This book has been key to help me know my potential when it came to making and setting goals and doing what it takes to reach those goals. It is all about self-improvement and striving to be the very best you can be, and to help bring the best in others. A great read!


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